The Planning

It is very common that together with the budget of the reform, the contractor gives us an estimated term of work, typically expressed in months. These deadlines serve little or nothing if they do not also have planning for the reform. With the plan we refer to a table or organization chart that specifies the duration of each job, taking into account the compatibility of specific tasks and the maximum dates for ordering materials.

The regulations and licenses

This seems evident that a company dedicated to construction knows the rules that affect you, as well as the grants you must obtain before starting any work. But it is not as rare as it seems that a contractor is not up to date with the norms of the Technical Building Code or that he completely ignores the demands of the Town Halls regarding fees and licenses.

The person in charge of the work

If there is something that people do not like to do a reform is to have to be aware of it regularly and have some fear that if they are not on top of the contractor at all times, something wrong will end up happening. This is solved with the presence of a work manager. If you already have the help of an architect to supervise the work, the role of the manager is not so relevant, but when it is not, it is essential to have this person.